Arranged Marriage

There was a time when marriages were arranged (still happens in some places) for various reasons. But finding a mate is difficult and an important task. If a marriage was going to be arranged, who should be in charge of creating the arrangement? Should parents, friends, or a professional match maker be responsible for finding our mate? Well, ideally, we should have a spiritual connection with God, and he would be in charge of sending us a loving, kind, and God-fearing mate. 

What happens when we choose our mate without God’s help or blessing? How many times have we chosen the wrong mate, because we were so impatient and or desperate that we could not wait for God. Maybe we were lonely and envious because those around us seem to find mates but we could not. If you choose your mate without consulting God what system are you using to choose? Do you have a plan in place to make sure that you are choosing a quality mate, or do you say yes to whoever comes by with an offer?