Are you perplexed about your relationship?

via Daily Prompt: Perplexed

Relationships are complicated, whether we are at the beginning, the middle, or the ending phase, relationships take a lot of work. Often couples feel perplexed about their relationship status, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary app, perplexed is defined as being filled with uncertainty  or the inability to understand something clearly. This is normal, however many couples enter into engagement and feel uncertain about not only their relationship status, but issues related to the planning of the wedding day. If you are feeling perplexed then perhaps you should address these feelings in couples counseling.

Here are some common issues that engaged couples feel perplexed about during the engagement stage.

  1. Their partner’s personality traits (anger, manipulation, laziness, difficulty managing money, not being truthful, lack of interest in sex, and conflict with perspective in-laws)
  2. Feeling as if they have rushed into the engagement phase
  3. Feeling that they are not ready to live with their partner on a daily basis
  4. Inability to communicate directly
  5. Inability to resolve conflict
  6. Inability to show affection
  7. Inability to move past prior cheating incidents
  8. Inability to stop cheating on partner
  9. Fear that you are going to miss out on the single life with friends
  10. Concern about physical or verbal abuse

If you are engaged and experiencing any of the above concerns, by all means, find a premarital counselor. Counselors who are specially trained can assist you with identifying key problems and resolving those issues, before entering a legally and spiritually binding marriage.

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