Assessing Relationship Readiness……..

It is a very natural thing to want to be in a loving relationship with another person.  Many search and jump from relationship to relationship in an effort to find love, comfort, and companionship.  The problem with individuals desperately seeking relationships is that they often move forward with relationships before they are ready.  So how does one assess whether or not they are ready to pursue or commit to a relationship? Well it is my belief that several things should be in place in order for a relationship to develop in a healthy manner. Hopefully the following relationship assessment points will assist in determining whether one is ready or not.

  1. You are ready if you are single for at least two years and have assessed and learned from your past relationship mistakes (both parties have a role is the dissolution of the relationship).
  2. You know why you want to be in a relationship.
  3. You are financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically ready.
  4. Fully available (not married, not separated, or going through a divorce).
  5. You have been independent, lived alone, paying your own bills, and ok with being alone.
  6. You are ready when you know what you want out of a relationship (i.e. marriage, just dating, companionship).
  7. You are ready when you do not have relationship baggage (YOU HAVE HEALED AND PROCESSED YOUR HURT).
  8. You are ready when you can live in Relationship reality: are able to identify RED flags for potential relationship failure.
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