I’m engaged, but changed my mind!

Before marriage some doubts may be normal, because you are making a decision that will affect the rest of your life. However, how do you differentiate between normal and true doubts. How long should you allow doubts to persist before you take the feelings seriously?

Well, it depends on what the doubts are concerning, if you are having doubts about whether you want to be married or the character of your soon to be spouse, then you might want to take the time to explore those issues. If you are doubting the choice of cake or the brides maids dresses then you don’t have much to worry about. If you are wondering why you mate choose you, because you feel blessed to have your spouse to be, but wonder if you are good enough, this may also be normal, but in small doses. Don’t spend too much time wondering or it will become an issue.

If you are having doubts about being a good spouse, or how you will perform sexually on your wedding night, then just know these are normal doubts. This is a happy time that will bring about some nervous energy, after all, hopefully this will be your one and only marriage, and you will undoubtedly wonder if you are making the right decision.

Some doubts are normal!

Wife Material

What does it take to become an awesome wife? Are you wife material? How would you know if you were wife material? There was a time when women were value laden, feminine, and walked with respect and confidence. Sometimes this is not so in today’s society. There was a time when a wife was the lady that you married, lived with, had sex with, and built a life together. There was a time when being a wife was reserved for respectable women. In today’s world of free sex, children out of wedlock, shacking up etc. marriage does not always create a place of sanctity. So, who is wife material?

A woman is wife material if:

1. She refuses to shack up

2. She refuses to have sex or children out of wedlock

3. She desires to have a family and keep a home

4. She is mature and intelligent/educated

5. She understands the role of a wife

6. She has standards

7. She has values that are aligned with God

8. She respects marriage

9. She exudes class (appropriate dress, proper speech, respects her body, is not flirtatious etc)

10. She is not desperate

11. She is nurturing and caring

12. She understands a husbands role

Finally, if she has fallen short of any of the above, she learns from her mistakes. For example, she may have had one baby out of wedlock, but does not continue that behavior, she repents and turns her behavior around. Remember, no one is perfect, even I have made many of the mistakes above, but with the help of God I have turned things around, I am now proud to be wife material.