The Role Of Problem Solving

One skill that is very helpful for individuals and newlywed couples is the ability to problem solve. Problem Solving is useful throughout all aspects of life, individuals as well as couples need to master this very important skill. Problem solving should be developed before marriage because marriage will present many obstacles and need the skill of problem solving. When couples have arguments, are deciding whether or not to have children, or when they decide to purchase a house; problem solving skills will be in high demand.

Individual problem solving skills before marriage are important, these skills can be used to solve dating conflict, deciding what career path to take, and when is the appropriate time to start or stop dating. Problem solving skills are lifelong assets that will be of constant use. When a couple marries and they do not have problem solving skills the marriage can become a source of stress as conflict will ensue and breed negativity between the couple. 

Adequate problem solving skills should include the following: maturing in the area of thinking, the ability to work as a team, and the ability to see both sides of every problem or opinion. A free thinking mature individual should be able to problem solve individually and with their spouse. Individual problem solving shows a sign of autonomy and maturity.

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