The Notion Of Marital Happiness

The notion of marital happiness consist of the belief that because one marries, that one will be happy. The idea that all problems will magically disappear, and that the new spouse will be responsible for all happiness and joy throughout the marriage is not true. This type of notion has ruined many marriages over the years. This marriage notion is basically faulty thinking. The reason that it is faulty thinking is that the responsibility for individual happiness is placed upon somebody else’s shoulders. This is not realistic and is very unfair. It is also faulty thinking because it encourages individuals to reside in laziness, sitting back and waiting for some extraordinary event to take place as opposed to taking personal responsibility.

We shouldn’t marry simply to be happy, happiness comes from inside and a true relationship with God. Happiness is ongoing and should be obtained prior to marriage. Marriage like anything else requires hard work and dedication to a common goal. It is important for married couples to understand that happiness is a choice, and that no one person is happy all the time, but we can choose to work towards happiness everyday.

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